Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stila Warehouse Sale Haul

The weekend before last, Stila had an online warehouse sale and I was sold as soon as I saw the Barbie stuff! It took quite a while for them to ship (over a week), but I finally got my stuff yesterday:

Barbie Loves Stila Smudge Pots in Cobalt Clutch and Purple Pumps, Brow Duo in Dark, Lip Glaze in Dragonfruit


Malibu Barbie paint can set w/ Lash Visor Waterproof Mascara, palette w/ two eyeshadows (light blue and super pale pink) and bronzer, Lip Glaze in Malibu

I played around with everything yesterday. I'm not quite sure how I like Dragonfruit or the pale blue eyeshadow on me; I've gotten pretty tan over the summer and I think these colors don't work too well with my skin tone. I love everything else, though, especially the Brow Duo! It really lets me fill in and define my sparse eyebrows without having them look fake and drawn in.

One week until I leave for Chicago, can't wait!