Thursday, September 30, 2010

OPI Burlesque and MAC Bad Fairy

I just got my Burlesque polishes yesterday! I would have swatched them yesterday if it weren't already dark, I was so excited by all the glitters! I only ordered the glitters and The Show Must Go On, plus Ink, which is not part of this collection.

L to R: Simmer and Shimmer, Show It and Glow It!, Ink (not part of Burlesque), The Show Must Go On!

L to R: Sparkle-icious, Extra-va-vaganza!, Bring On the Bling, Glow Up Already!

Also picked up my order from the MAC Venomous Villains collection:

Hot House lipglass and Bad Fairy nail polish

Here's Bad Fairy:

Coppery pink with a coppery orange duochrome and the base seems almost like a dusty pink. Really pretty. Formula was okay, but very sheer. Four thin coats shown here.

OPI The Show Must Go On!

This one is a bright fuchsia foil with a slight orange duochrome. Love this one too! Two coats shown. Formula on this was perfect, super easy to work with. Dried quickly.

I had heard that OPI The Show Must Go On! could be a dupe of Bad Fairy, so here they are side by side:

Bad Fairy on the left, TSMGO on the right. Definitely not close enough to be called dupes. Pics aren't great, but basically Bad Fairy is more coppery and has a stronger duochrome. Also, the Bad Fairy formula was more watery and much more sheer. Here is each after one coat:

Bad Fairy is very sheer while TSMGO is almost completely opaque already. I also think that TSMGO would be more flattering on a wider range of skin tones, but I do think they are different enough to justify owning both!

On to the glitters! I apologize in advance for the messiness, glitter is so hard to clean up!

Extra-va-vaganza! This one is mostly orange and silver with a sprinkling of yellow, green, blue, and magenta glitter. Definitely wearing this for Halloween!

Sparkle-icious. Equal parts purple, yellow, and blue glitter. Pics really don't do this one justice! Super fun color, like a party in a bottle!

Bring On The Bling. This one seems to have equal parts everything! I can see yellow, silver, orange, magenta, blue, and green. I like that it kind of looks like a pewter-gold at first, but it sparkles so many different colors.

Glow Up Already! This one is mostly gold-green glitter but also contains silver, kelly green, orange, magenta, and blue. I love the green tinge. I wonder how this compares to Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore? Hopefully I get my hands on that one soon so I can compare!

Show It and Glow It! This one is mostly magenta and silver but also contains blue, yellow, orange, and green. Possibly my favorite of the collection, but it's hard to choose!

Simmer and Shimmer. Mostly blue and silver, but also has magenta, yellow, orange, and green. I'm wearing this today to the Dodgers game later!

I love glitters so it's no surprise that I really like all of these! I love that they're so multicolored, being able to see all the different colors makes you want to look at them all day. Be sure to click on each image to show the full-sized version, you can see the glitter in much more detail. I have shown three coats of each and they were pretty much opaque; any bald spots you see are my own fault. I didn't use any topcoat for the swatches but they were gritty so you will probably want to use one. Topcoat also intensifies the sparkle! Drying time was fairly quick and the consistency was pretty easy to work with. I would definitely recommend all of them!

Be careful when removing them. Either place remover-soaked pads on your nails and wrap with foil or press the pad against each nail for 20 seconds and a time before swiping it away. It was pretty easy to remove using this method, but make sure to have plenty of pads on hand and use a clean section for each nail. The removed polish was rubbing onto my hands from the pads.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. I'm totally loving all the glitters from the Burlesque collection. Thanks for the swatches :)

  2. I love all these glitters. I ordered a couple for you, but you'd already bought them, so I kept them for myself. They're beautiful, aren't they? Can't wait to wear them.