Monday, October 25, 2010

Eyeko Military Polish

Sorry for the absence! My nails have been really brittle lately and I broke one and chipped another. I really need to moisturize more...

Anyway, a great and generous friend of mine recently sent me a bunch of nail stuff (among other things):

Some Eyeko polishes, Sinful colors nail art polishes, Priti NY polish, base and glitter polishes from transdesign, CND cuticle eraser, Halloween nail stickers, and mini match book emery boards! All very useful.

I've always wanted to try Eyeko, this is my first:

Military polish. I love this! It's a dark, murky, army green jelly. Such a great fall color. Application was great, opaque in two coats, which is what is shown here. I am wearing Seche Vite top coat in the picture, but the polish itself dried to a very glossy finish. There are some bald spots b/c I need to stop applying polish in poor lighting, haha.

At first glance I thought it looked like Chanel Khaki Brun, but when I put them side by side it's clear that Military is much greener:

I'll have to think of some fun Halloween nails to post soon!


  1. Ah, Laureen, I'm so glad you like the polish. I love catching up with you here. Love your blog!

  2. Thanks Claudia! It's a very unique color, love it!