Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Nails!

This post is a bit late (since Halloween is in a few days), but both designs are super easy to do!
Here's the super simple one:

Just some stickers over a sparkly orange polish, Zoya Sienna. I like using all black stickers so it looks more cohesive, even though each sticker is different. I also alternated words with pictures so that there was a good mix of both; too many words looks too busy and all pictures looks too simple in my opinion. This one was inspired by one of Asami's designs.

This one takes a bit more time, but is still pretty easy:

I used Sinful Colors Nail Art polish in Time Off for the stripes. This time I used white/gold stickers so they'd stand out against both background colors. I also alternated stars with the words instead of random pictures because I thought the stars would look a little less busy.

Hope this gives you some ideas!


  1. That's so cute!! I love it!

  2. Love your halloween nails, Laureen! SO cute!

  3. By the way, HeHe24 is me, Claudia, aka amazigrace!

  4. Thanks Mal and Claudia!