Friday, November 26, 2010

Milani Disco Lights

Happy Black Friday! I did a little online shopping but I personally hate crowds so no brick-and-mortar stores for me today! The BF and I have gotten almost all our holiday shopping done online as well so hopefully we won't have to shop too much during the holiday season.

Anyway, I wanted to wear something a little special for Thanksgiving yesterday, so why not a glitter?

Blurred to show the sparkly goodness:

This is Milani Disco Lights, four coats with top coat. I love, love this color! I told myself that I wouldn't be buying any more new polishes for a while, but I saw this at the drugstore and couldn't resist. I'm so glad I picked it up! It's a really gorgeous champagne pink glitter. It's still very sparkly and shiny of course, but the face that it's pink lets it blend into my skin a little so it's a bit more subtle than some other glitters. The amount of glitter was pretty average, four coats to cover. Each layer took about five minutes to dry which is on the slow side, but I think this helps to prevent the bottle from getting crusty and makes the glitter easier to work with. You can find Milani polish at CVS and some Walgreens stores.

Hope everyone is getting some good deals, but remember to take care of yourselves!

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