Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Rubies and Diamonds with Konad M71

Another Christmas mani! I was a little lazy about fixing the middle finger so it's a bit off to the side. The red base is Rubies and Diamonds from Diamond Cosmetics and the gold stamps were done with Diamond Cosmetics Party Hearty, a rose gold foil. I topped off the bows with some yellow-orange resin rhinestones. Rubies and Diamonds is really beautiful on its own, bright red jelly with red and gold microglitter. I am wearing four coats in the picture. Party Hearty worked perfectly with the Konad plate, as I'm sure most foils do. The bow is from the M71 plate.

Just a few more days until Christmas, hope everyone gets some great gifts!


  1. This is adorable! I feel like investing in Konad but I just don't do my nails that much to buy one. I just prefer one solid color. I'm so old fashion like that.

  2. It is a lot of work! You might want to try the Bundle Monster plates, I've heard good things and you get a lot of them for cheap.