Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Punk Hello Kitty Mani

Who doesn't love Hello Kitty? I sure do!

Very simple mani made with HK water decals on a base of Diamond Cosmetics Starry Night, a black with subtle silver glass flecks. I wasn't quite sure at first what base color would be appropriate, but with the punk theme, black seems like the obvious choice. I thought it would look too cheesy, but I actually really like it! The decals were too big for my nails, so I carefully cut them up. I accidentally put the HK head upside-down, though, D'oh!

Now that I've tried them, I prefer water decals to stickers because they are thinner. It makes it easier to mold them to the nail and cover them with top coat. Stickers sometimes stick out at the edges because they don't bend as easily, but they can be more 3D than decals. Water decals are also easier to cut into pieces if they are too big (or you just prefer them that way).

You can buy the decals from this ebay seller: hello2happiness


  1. Very nice job on your nails! I thought you drew on the Hello Kitty by hand for a second. Where did you get the decals if you don't mind me asking? Also, what's the difference from a water decal as opposed to normal ones?

  2. Thank you! Yeah, after you put on top coat you can hardly tell it's a decal so it looks painted on! I am not exactly sure what a "regular" decal is, but I think they are basically like stickers. Both the sticker decals and the water decals are basically designs printed on a clear background and they are very thin. To apply the stickers, you just cut out the sticker, carefully place it on your nail, press down, and remove the backing. For the water decals, you cut out the design, soak it in water about 20-30 seconds, carefully remove the design from the backing (with tweezers), and then place it on the nail. I found that with the sticker kind, sometimes parts of the design would not transfer on the nail whereas with the water decal, as long as it had been soaked sufficiently the entire design was easily removed from the backing in one piece.

    Whew, sorry for the long explanation! I linked an ebay seller above, but it seems like she's out of stock right now. I found another person selling them, though: