Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heart Glitter Mani

Yay, another heart/V-Day-themed mani! I did a very simple one this time, mostly because my nails are shorter.

Here are the colors I used:

L to R: Essie Pop Art Pink, Revlon Minted, HK for MAC Vestral White, Essie Lilacism

Here are the tools:

Just some heart-shaped glitter I bought on ebay. You can find this at some nail supply stores or craft stores, or you can try using confetti from a party supply store, or even nail polish with heart glitter in it already.

I used colors that reminded me of conversation hearts and basically just alternated them on my nails. You can use five different colors of course, but I think three or four looks a little less random. I used similarly colored heart glitter to put on top of the polish while it was still wet. I just moistened my fingertip to pick up the individual glitters and place them on the nail. You can use whatever tools you want to pick them up, of course.This is a cute and super easy mani to do, and it looks great on any length!

Eleven more days until Valentine's Day, hope you've made reservations!


  1. *_* such talent!
    I have the revlon minted but it's too erm.. watery for my tastes :( beauuuutiful color though. I can never let it go!

  2. I tried to look for tiny confetti that would fit on the nail. No luck. The ones I've seen so far are too big for the nails. Lucky I have a few rhinestones and half pearls here to play with.

  3. Jane, thank you! I found the formula to be streaky and definitely watery like you said, kind of messy to work with. It is so pretty, though! I like that it's really just a mint green, no bluish tinge like Essie Mint Candy Apple.

    Kitty, boo! You can usually find them really cheap on ebay, but the shipping takes forever since they usually come from Asia. Good luck!

  4. so cute!
    and so perfect for Valentine's day =)

  5. Wow that is such a cute mani. Love your colour selection.

  6. Thank you Annie and Jaztee!