Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chanel Pastel Skittles

I knew I wanted to try one of the Chanel pastel colors I have but I couldn't decide which, so I did all of them!

I thought the combination of colors by itself looked a little random, so I added some square rhinestones and little beads to pull it together a bit more. I think it's a nice, subtle way to add a little something without getting too complicated. The colors I used were Riva, Lilac Sky, and Pêche Nacrée.

Riva is a light blue cream with blue "hidden shimmer." The shimmer really isn't very noticeable. I found the polish to be rather sheer, but not too streaky. I am wearing four thin coats.

Lilac Sky is a lilac cream with a white shimmer finish. I found this one to be a bit sheer and also rather streaky. I am wearing three coats.

Pêche Nacrée is a peach frost. I found this one to be sheer, streaky, and you can kind of see the brushstrokes. Four thin coats.

I'm surprised at the formulas of these colors because the Khaki collection colors went on like butter! In any case, I'm sure these colors have lots of dupes out there and the money might be better spent on those. They certainly are pretty, though.


  1. I already commented on soompi (bigfatPANDA) but i love this! the little triangle moon things are so cute with the beads C: And I'm so jelly that you got a giftcard to splurge on chanel polishes!

  2. SO PRETTY! I loveee pastel. My favorite color is the ring finger :)

    I can't wait to try the coffee. I do hope it's good!

  3. Those shades look so rich and creamy!

  4. Thank you all! I do love pastels!