Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cover Girl AntiFreeze Over MAC Spirit of Truth

I saw AntiFreeze on Scrangie and I thought it was pretty, but it runs about $12 shipped on ebay. I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on drugstore polish. I know it's available at some Dollar Tree locations but I couldn't find it here. I finally saw it on ebay for around $5 so I jumped on it. I received it in the mail and I was excited, but it looks pretty unassuming--ugly bottle, weird green base, just kinda blah. I was so wrong!

I truly think this could be my best polish purchase ever. I can't stop looking at my nails! I know Essie Starry Starry Night is the big lemming for everyone and I've never seen it IRL, but I really think this is better. SSN is kind of like what the night sky looks like from earth but AntiFreeze (over a dark color) is what the sky looks like in space! This is two coats over Spirit of Truth, obviously you can use more for more glitter. AntiFreeze is a mix of silvery-green iridescent glitter and electric blue(!) iridescent glitter. The electric blue is what really makes it amazing. I really adds a lot of depth, making it look almost 3D over darker polishes. Over Spirit of Truth, it definitely looks like the glitter is in the polish, not just on top. I couldn't capture its true beauty in my pictures, but this could be my favorite polish out of all the ones I own. I normally think back-ups are kind of silly, but I NEED a back-up of this (or two, or three).

As amazing as it is, there were some cons. It took quite a long time to dry, though it wasn't much worse than many others I've tried. I waited a good 20-30 minutes for it to dry by itself before I decided to just add some Seche Vite. It was still soft underneath, but it's pretty much dry now, ten hours later. I can still make some dents if I press hard enough. Also, the smell was terrible! I'm guessing it's not 3-free and I was smelling one of those big 3 chemicals? The smell has dissipated, though.

Spirit of Truth I had no real complaints about. It was very easy to work with and offered great coverage; you could probably get away with one coat but I did two just in case there were any bald spots. Not the most unique color, but if you are looking for a true navy cream that doesn't look black, this is a good one! Plus, the packaging is so freaking cute!

Go out to your local Dollar Tree and hunt this one down!

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