Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Mani

I actually forgot that St. Patrick's Day was coming up, I just wanted to wear a green polish. Once I pulled the polish out, though, it occurred to me that I could finally try an idea that I'd been wanting to do for some time.

My first 3D acrylic sculpture! This was inspired by one of Asami's pictures. Mine didn't come out quite as perfect, but I'm proud of it anyway (my right hand did not fare as well...). I know the heart is kind of random, haha. I just really wanted to do a heart! I originally had this over just green polish, but it looked so plain and the color of the shamrock was too close to the color of the polish:

I added a little glitter to make the shamrock stand out more and to make it more interesting overall.

The green polish is Diamond Cosmetics Froggy, a bright grass green. This is actually a neon. I was so excited about this, but ended up being kind of annoyed with it. I think the color is nice, but it's really sheer! In the last picture you can see that after four coats there was still visible nail line, and it took a pretty long time to dry. I added one very thin coat of Color Club Under The Mistletoe and it made it all better! Helps to hide VNL. It's one of my favorite glitters out of the many that I own! The glitter is actually made of small gold flakes so it covers well and isn't gritty (full review here). Next time I wear Froggy I am definitely using something opaque underneath it.


  1. Very cute! Today is the one day I haven't work green polish for around a week. Terrible!

  2. Hehe, as long as you wear green tomorrow! :)

  3. oh the shamrock looks very cutee!!!

  4. Your heart is so perfect! I love this mani, thank you so much for the mention too. I bet you got some compliments on your cute nails today! :-)

  5. Chell, thank you!

    Asami, that's a very high compliment considering the fact that you are so good at this stuff! Thanks!

  6. love it!!!