Friday, April 22, 2011

March/April Haul

Whew! Really been buying way too much stuff!

Tokidoki Robbery Palette - I've been contemplating this purchase for a long time but I saw it on sale for $25 so I decided it was finally time. I really like all the colors!

Urban Decay Show Pony palette - Six pretty colors, a travel-size 24/7 pencil in Zero, and a mini Primer Potion, all on sale at for $16!

Essie It's Genius, China Glaze LOL, China Glaze Gamer Glam - Got the Essie on sale at Trade Secret and the CGs on ebay.

Cover Girl - Found Midnight Forest and Sand at the Dollar Tree ($1 for both!) and the other two were purchased on ebay.

Cover Girl Orange Slush, Pink Ice, Arctic, and Krypton-Ice - ebay

Chameleon Blue Sky, Calypso, Blue Frost, Galactic - According to the company's website, these can only be found at Rite Aid.

Chanel Mimosa - Love yellows, I hope this one has a Chanel-worthy formula.

Lippmann Bad Romance, Across the Universe, Lady Sings the Blues, Today Was a Fairytale - My first Lippmanns! Of course I would go for all the glitter, haha.

MAC Little Girl Type and Ice Cream Cake - Pretty pastels! I returned Mischievous Mint.

Clarins Patient Pink, 230(!), Pink Shimmer - I bought 230 and the other two were included as free gifts. I will have to take some proper pictures some day, 230 really is as amazing as everyone says!

I was supposed to be banned until our vacation next week, but most of these were purchased with gift cards so it doesn't really count, right? :p


  1. Love the UD palette and the Clarins!

    PS, I saw your comment on my post but did you notice that post was accidentally published 3 times?! I don't know what happened!
    Anyway, thanks for your comment. I tried the watch on last night and it's bigger than any other I have....still on the fence.

  2. Great haul!!! You got a lot of amazing polish colors!

  3. Wow! Never before have I been so jealous of a haul - You have fabulous taste! I have to get my paws on LOL, Gamer Glam, #230, Mimosa (just waiting for it to hit Aussie shores) Across the Universe and Lady Sings the Blues.

  4. whooa!lovely haul! and im drolling for the lipmann

  5. @T Thanks! Hm, IIRC you have small, delicate wrists? Mine are not, maybe I should try the watch, haha. I didn't even know Peugeot made ceramic ones, I'll have to look into that.

    @Sabrina Thank you!

    @Jaztee Thank you! I got pretty lucky with the CGs and 230. Hope you get Mimosa soon!

    @chell Thank you! I can't wait to try them.

  6. L, I think you should do swatches of EVERYTHING!!!

  7. Girl, someone's been shopping a lot!

  8. Nice haul, especially the Lippmanns.

  9. @Mal, I will definitely try!

    @kitty, yes, too much!

    @che, thank you!