Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Marble Confetti Mani

I've always thought that water marble manis looked cool but I had no idea how difficult it was! I had to experiment with a few different polishes before I got it right and also messed up a few nails before I got some decent patterns (decent, not great!).

I started with a white base, MAC Vestral White:

These are the colors I used:
L to R: Diamond Cosmetics Orange Blush, Color Club Almost Famous, Nfu-oh 553, American Apparel Office, Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau

Here is the first nail:
I couldn't find tape so I had to clean up all the polish from my skin later (didn't want to use Vaseline or something oily b/c it might leave a film in the water, preventing the drops of polish from spreading correctly).

Afterward, I added some heart-shaped glitter and colorful rhinestones. Here's the finished product:
It's not quite what I hoped for but I still think it looks fun, like birthday party decorations!

For more detailed instructions on water marbling (and better designs) check out this blog:
She's so pro! Hopefully I'll be just as good some day!


  1. It's very funny, I love it ! Looks like a birthday cake, wanna eat it lol :p
    I love your thumb in the first full hand pic, it looks like a rainbow <3

  2. These are so cute!!!

  3. Thank you, Sabrina!

    Oops, accidentally deleted a comment (still getting used to moderating comments on older posts...)!

    [b]Anonymous[/b] said, "I don't think this is a good look really."

    That's okay, not everyone has the same taste of course! I appreciate your feedback.

  4. i like this mani!! it reminds me of lindsay's tie dye "fuck u" mani. can i have this next time? =)