Friday, June 10, 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Haul!

So I totally missed out on the 15th anniversary eyeliner set but I decided to buy the colors I really wanted on ebay. They're not too bad, usually around $7-10 shipped, except Perversion which is usually $18-22.

Top to bottom: Honey, Perversion, Asphyxia, Electric, Mildew
I actually had changed my mind about buying Perversion but I forgot about the snipe I set and I ended up winning it on ebay.

Then, I saw a bunch of 24/7 Shadow Pencils for a great price on ebay! I got them today.
Top to bottom: Mercury, Barracuda, Wasteland, Rehab, Lit, Morphine, Delinquent (Morphine I purchased a while ago and Mercury I received in a swap but I really wanted to take a pic of them together!)
I love these! They really last forever and they come in lots of great colors. Just a few more and I'll have them all, haha. I do tend to be a collector when it comes to things I like.

Happy weekend everyone!

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