Friday, July 8, 2011

Shopping Haul!

This post isn't makeup/nail related but I thought I'd share my latest purchases!

Gilly Hicks tanks:
The first one is sheer gray lace, the second is white with a chiffon ruffled bow, and the third is cotton with lace overlay in the front and ruffles. Love these, they're so girly! I think I might be returning the white one though, it's a bit too short for my liking. There's a lot of cute stuff on sale so check out the store or website! I also LOVE their underwear.

Melissa Royale flat:
Hearts in the back!
These are actually a (belated) birthday gift for my sister. I like how they look like a classic cap-toe flat but the hearts in the back make it unique.

Melissa Love flip flop:
More hearts! Aren't they adorable? Since I wear flip flops all the time, I can always use more.

Old Navy gold glitter belt, lace Melissa Ultragirl flats, Joe's Jeans Lennon clutch
I'm not really a belt person but I'm hoping this one will add some shape and sparkle to looser tops.

Melissa lace Ultragirl:
I fell in love with them when I saw them online and they're really cute in person too but I feel a little weird about wearing nude shoes? Definitely looks a bit strange with blue polish on my toes, but they are cute shoes.

JJ Lennon clutch front:
I've been wanting this bag forever! I missed out on it a while back so I grabbed it when I saw it on ebay. It's a big clutch so there's plenty of room and the leather is buttery soft. I also adore studs and they're actually functional, they add some texture to the clutch so it's much easier to grip.

Joyrich/LeSportsac heart-shaped mini crossbody bag:
Ha, I didn't realize I bought so many heart-shaped things! I've been eyeing this ever since it came out and I finally bought it! If you enlarge the pictures you can see that the pink spots are glittery! Hm, I'm inspired to do a leopard mani...

Burberry watch
I've wanted a white ceramic watch for a long time and finally bought one! I like that this actually combines two trends, ceramic watches and watches with rectangular faces. The subtle check pattern is a nice touch, too.

Last, but certainly not least, Fendi Deco pumps!
I saw these on the cover of a Sephora catalog a while back and fell in love. Before getting them I was thinking about dyeing them a different color but I actually like these.

Whew, no more shopping for a while!

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  1. I love love love that Melissa Ultragirl lace flats! How much did you get it for and where?! I want one too!