Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dodgers French

They were giving out Dodgers Hello Kitty plushes a couple weeks ago so I had to go, of course. I did my sister's nails for the game.
It was a collaboration between us, both the design and the work. She did the lettering, I did everything else. The blue tips were done with Blue from Love & Beauty (Forever 21) and red glitter heart was done with Milani Red Sparkle. The letters were done with acrylic paint and we added some jewels and I did a 3D acrylic blue bow. She added Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and an iridescent glitter polish on top for some extra sparkle.

Go Dodgers! :)


  1. Very cute collaboration! And the plush is adorable.

  2. Thanks ladies! Peach, I can never resist some HK!

  3. omg the hello kitty. so cute. by the way i forgot to tell you... HE KNEW ABOUT IT! I could have gone =(